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To become a contributor to Domino Analytics we request that you submit a write-up of your single best emerging growth stock idea. We encourage you to spend a few moments reading the Our Philosophy area of the website in order to better familiarize yourself with the type of stocks and opportunities that will resonate with our members.

To submit your write-up select the Contact Us tab and the 'Become a Contributor' choice from the 'Subject' drop down menu and cut and paste your write-up in the Message area. Alternatively, you can email your write-up as a PDF file to Upon being accepted as a contributor we will either establish a contributor account for you or upgrade your existing members account if you have one.

Finally, we appreciate that many of our current and prospective contributors are professional investors or are serving in corporate functions and therefore have a need to maintain anonymity. Domino Analytics is committed to preserving the anonymity of members who wish to remain so and therefore we are happy to accept anonymous idea submissions as well. Simply submit your idea using an email account that contains no revealing personal information (name, your firm etc.) and we can take it from there.